"What a Dump"  cassette:


We’ve got problems/yeah I’ve got my share

Panic and Privilege/ senses to impair

and I left you there for good/ just like I told you that I would

count to ten in stagnant streetlight/ you can drag me as far as you’d like

but you can’t make me love you back/ and you can’t make me react

and this quandry that we create/you can exhale or suffocate

and in text books/dictionaries/its described as Irrational

my volition now resolutes/ stab at upset I won’t let you

and what we did on the night we met is now something that I regret

when it boils down to tiny vices you were left to your own devices

you chronically cross the line/and our petulance is intertwined

but you won’t win, its not a game/and aggression is spread in shame

and in old songs/ friends advice/ its described as Irrational


Place me precariously/ skinned knee/ I want to leave

you’re a figment/ you’re damn near malignant/ a dog tracking mud on the floor

black spine/ what’s yours becomes mine/ yawning or you’re breathing heavy

you’re flighty/ you are stuck inside of me and I got a whole lot to say

I hope you like Kenosha so much you stay there

Invasive/ I’m losing my patience/ see yourself on a TV screen or in magazines

I’d buy you a drink if I thought you were worth it or had a redeeming quality

Swinging from a double-henge/ meet up with your friends from college/

and think about me when you see her/ but I’ll be in Milwaukee on the last day of the summer. 


We are vast/ white linen, sky above

your voice carries/my ears just ring

over again I nest on blank paper/ your voice carries and I can’t think

content/reading lips/ you eject/ and I desist in cold blood/cold kiss

virile static/ my thoughts are dripping wet/

admitted praise or an electric shock/ over again I nest on the hardwood floor and my bare skull is hard as a rock

content/nodding heads your boundless and I’m braindead/ you glorify/ go ahead

we meet up in big cement swimming pools/ but I plug up both of my ears/ we are vast white linen, sky above

dead leaves at bottom/ I’ll just lie here


Chronically deplete me/ Coffee to wake up, beer to go to sleep/live your life fraudulently/ while i move quickly/ I move cleverly 

Snag it now/ you’re wretched and proud/ count me out 

Abstain from coming down/ while I sleep on floors to get out of this town/ I will move transcendentally/ forget all about you and forget this place 

say you love me/ can’t see straight/ while I go to work to go on a break

What a Dump:

Black coffee/ flake off your rough hands/hide out/ sweeping pennies in to dust pans/ I feel vulgar/ I feel like I’m in heat when I’m terrified of walking down/ my own street 

I will holler and I will shake/ but I could never retaliate/ in a manner that would equate/ your wrong with my hate 

One of my sisters’ thinks I’m self-estranged/ the other thinks I’m mean like a snake and I’ll never change/ I think its plain but could you blame me/ living in this shitty stuck-up city 

Being pretty is infinite/ but being angry is real important/ and I will die before I’ll give in 

Run away, run away, you better run away